Welcome to Trust Earned Travel (TET). TET was conceived in 1997 to educate and protect travelers and helps businesses that serve the traveling public (e.g. lodging facilities, restaurants, attractions, transportation companies, tour services, travel agencies, etc.).

TET gathers information about those businesses that volunteer to become TET Seal Holders by complying with its rules and standards of conduct. TET then shares that information with the traveling public.

TET Seal Holders proudly display the TET Seal on their web site so visitors know that the company representiting itself on the website complies with the highest ethical and professional standards of the travel industry. Your website visitor simply clicks the Trust Earned Travel Seal to validate your company's compliance.

Become a Trust Earned Travel Seal Holder

Why TET Is Good For Businesses
For businesses, displaying credentials of independent well-respected organizations on your website can often be the difference between a sale or not - a new customer or not.

Displaying the TET Seal is the best way for businesses to show they care about the traveling public. As a business, you simply agree to do what all good business do - treat your customers honestly and fairly.

If your customers trust you, they will buy from you, and the more trust you have, the more sales you will make. In other words:    TRUST = SALES
and being a TET Seal Holder means you can be trusted.

The public today is smarter, more cautious, and understands that without having prior personal experience, or having a friend or relative make a recommendation, credentials are the best way to insure that their purchase will be well spent.

The cost to be a Trust Earned Travel Seal Holder membership is $89.95 for 12 months. And, if your company owns multiple websites, the annual cost is just $49.95 for each and every additional website you own. There is a full money-back guarantee for the first 3 months of your membership, and thereafter, you can cancel at any time and get a pro-rata refund for the unusued portion of your annual membership. All you need do is remove your Trust Earned Travel Seal from your website(s) and request the refund which will be processed immediately.
Become A Trust Earned Travel Seal Holder

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